Income Tax Ordinance 1979

Monday, December 9, 2013

Income Tax Ordinance 1979

      The ordinance is administered by the central board of rvenue  which is the highest authority of Income tax in the country.this Borad has four members two of them look after income tax,sales tax.These members are of the status of joint secretaries to the Government of Pakistan in the Ministry of Finance.The Board is working for the attainment of the following objectives:

    a)To re-arrange the provisions in a more systematic and logical form:
    b)To simplify the law so as to make it easily understandable by the tax-payers:
    c)to plug loop-holes,remove lacunae and ambiguities;
    d)To introduce a system of assessment desgned to create an atmosphere of mutual trust and confidence between the tax-payers and the tax officials

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