Inspecting Assistant Commissioner

Monday, December 9, 2013

Inspecting Assistant Commissioner

            Inspecting Assistant Commissioner,who is appointed by the Central Board of Revenue,is directly under the control of the commissioner,and he performs his functions is respect of such persons,income and areas as the Commissioner may direct.he may also be directed to exercise the powers of income tax officer in respect of specified cases.
  His important powers,duties and functions are as under;-
1)Approve the extension of time for filing of Return;
2)Accord approval for levy of penalty;
3)Revise orders of subordinates;
4)Rectify mistakes apparent from records;
5)Enter any place and inspect any accounts,stamp the same,make note of stock and make enquiries;
6)Take evidence on oath;
7)Inspect and take copies of a company;
8)Institute prosecution and compound the same with the prior approval of C.B.R;
9)Issue certificate under Transfer of property Act;
10)Write off irrecoverable arrears between Rs. 100 and Rs. 2,500.

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