Tax Recovery Officer

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tax Recovery Officer

                    Tax Recovery Officer is appointed by the Central Board of revenue From amongst the income tax officers and assist income tax officers.Jurisdiction over certain areas is given to him by the respective commissioner under whom he is required to work.Wide powers have been given to him under the relevant rules in the matter of recover of arrears.On receipt of recovery certificate the proceeds to recover the tax. 

Recovery Of Tax

                Important provisions with regard to recovery of tax have been given under Sections 85 to 95.Legal Provisions governing these are given below:

1)Payment Of Tax On Demand(sec.85)

                If any tax is payable as a result of any assessment,the income Tax officer shall serve upon the assessee or any other person on his hehalf, a notice of demand specifying the sum payable and the said will be payable by him to the credit of Federal Government.

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